Who is Swaruu of Erra?


She is a NO terrestrial woman from the planet Erra, belonging to the Taygeta solar system, which is one of the 7 stars that make up the Pleyades system.

On this website you can follow all the news and articles that Swaruu and his Taigetean colleagues are uploading to different channels. No other information that is not Genuine and not verified before will be published. All transcripts here have been rigorously reviewed so as not to change or alter the message. You try to keep the information as up-to-date as possible but as you can understand it is difficult due to the speed of events.


The disclosure cannot be stopped. The whole truth will come to light.

Here you can find the information of Swaruu de Erra and his colleagues of Taygeta, of the channels: Despejando Enigmas, Agencia cosmica, Codificando el futuro, de la Mediadora Estelar y también de Saiel.


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